Blog = Whatever I Want It To Be

I just realized that this website has snow falling on it during winter, unlike my hometown (Puerto Rico), which can be heated, even in the middle of Christmas. I just found it interesting, the title of the blog being “Melting Snow”(I was almost stupid enough to say funny. That would’ve been stupid, right?)

Anyway, the point of this post is to make some sort of announcement¬†before I go on ranting ¬†about the time I raped a bat, ran away, fell on the mud behind my house and got revenge-raped by the same bat, orally: this will be my crappy journal. It’ll be my way of, let’s say, practicing ranting without actually ranting. That means I’ll be writing weird stuff in here a few times a month and, even though I would end up regretting it later, I will leave it here. As a filter, of course, there’ll be the occasional short story that will be the evidence to present the court when I’m found in the list of suspects of killing anyone. (If that’s why you’re here–to gather evidence for my trial–I want to say I didn’t do it. I promise I didn’t.)

Yeah, I think this will do as an introduction.